The Big Indie Awards 2017 in association with indieSky

Mobile + Mobile VR

November 21, 2017

5pm to 7pm

Shenzhen, China (TBC)

Expected Size:
150 – 200 attendees

Ticket Cost:

Another year of top quality Indie Pitching is coming to a close and we’re delighted to have witnessed some truly awesome games in what will be a record year with 20 pitches taking place.

This year we’re also going to do something a little extra special and delighted to be able to add a cherry on the top with the launch of the brand new Big Indie Awards 2017 in association with indieSky.


What is it?

The Big Indie Awards marks the finale of a year of indie pitching and also offers a chance for both our pitchers and also ALL indie developers who may not have made it to our events to put their game forward for a chance of global recognition, some cold-hard cash and a trip to the awards final in Shenzhen, China!


How does it work?

Developers simply need to submit their game through our entry form by October 15th (those familiar with previous indie pitches will know how easy it is) with some info, screens, a video and if possible a link to a playable/live version. That gets entered into the competition.

These entries will then be filtered into a longlist in a provisional judging process, and then be put in front of our team of crack judges (including journalists, influencers, developers and other experts) who will score each game and help us to create a shortlist that we’ll announce at the end of October.

Following that we’ll invite the top three teams to come to the awards ceremony in Shenzhen on November 21st and also spend a couple of days meeting Chinese companies and exploring the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen (all flights and accommodation will be paid).

The developers will get a chance to present their games on stage at a ceremony following an indie developer panel and talk, where the final winners will be revealed.


Who can enter?

Any mobile indie developer who has a game released in 2017 or has one in production that’s slated to launch in the next six months can enter the competition.

All previously shortlisted Big Indie Pitch entrants since September 2016 will be fast-tracked past the initial filtering process to the longlist.


What can you win?

We have an array of prizes up for grabs worth over $25,000 including:
$15,000 of marketing promotion
$5,000 of expo space/tickets at PG Connects
$5,000 cash!

Plus paid trips to China (inc flight, accommodation, visa).

Naturally there’ll also be a fair amount of media coverage, an award and global adoration.

If you’re very lucky you might get a publishing deal…?

Any terms and conditions?

Of course there’s always some t’s and c’s but nothing too stringent. The full list is outlined below, but the major point is that you should have released a game in the last 12 months (or be looking to release in the next six months) and ideally be available to head to Shenzhen for November 18-22.

Who’s behind all this?

The Big Indie Awards 2017 are the latest grand plan from the Steel Media team (the firm behind Pocket Gamer, PG.Biz, PG Connects, the Global Connects Parties and of course the Big Indie Pitch itself) but it wouldn’t be possible without the support and love of the lovely folks at indieSky.

Who is indieSky?

indieSky is iDreamSky’s indie platform for indie developers. iDreamSky has published hit titles such as Monument Valley, Subway Surfers, Temple Run series, Toy Blast, Horizon Chase, Gardenscapes and many others in China. indieSky’s aim is to partner with indie developers from all around the world to bring awesome games to gamers – the company slogan is, “We Publish Awesome Indie Games!”

You can find out a lot more about them on our sponsor page or check out



Mona Lisa
Developer: Italic Pig
Platform: iOS / Android
Release Date: Q2 2018

2nd Place

Hidden Folks
Adriaan de Jongh & Sylvain Tegroeg
Platform: iOS / Android / Steam
Release Date: Q1 2018

3rd Place

The Almost Gone
Developer: Happy Volcano
Platform: Mac / PC / iOS / Android
Release Date: Q2 2018

Terms and Conditions

The following rules (T&Cs) constitute the terms under which we accept all entries for the Big Indie Awards 2017.
All submissions are accepted under these Terms and Conditions.

The closing date for 1st round entries is October 15 (unless otherwise notified).

The competition is open to all international independent game developers, be they individuals, start-ups or more established studios.

Steel Media & indieSky employees or agents, or third party sponsors of this challenge are NOT permitted to submit games for inclusion.

Submitted games must have been published in the last 12 months (from September 2016) or intended to publish in the next six months.

Submissions must not contain any language or material that is obscene, libelous or defamatory, and will not, violate or infringe upon any law, statute, ordinance or regulation (including, without limitation, any copyright, trademark, service mark, literary, dramatic or motion picture right, right of privacy, right of publicity or contract right of any person) and that it will not contain viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, open source code or other similar harmful or deleterious programming routines.

Entries must be mobile games.

Entries will need to have at least one member of their team with a valid passport and able to travel to China on November 18 – 22, 2017.

To qualify for initial entry we need:

  • Core details (team name, developer names, mails, engine used and project status with estimated launch date)
  • One page description of the game and key concept
  • Concept art/screens
  • Video
  • Playable file (if available)

All submitted artwork and/or videos are submitted on the understanding that they can be used by Steel Media and the principal sponsor indieSky for the purpose of promoting this event.

The Big Indie Awards 2017 is owned and operated by Steel Media Ltd of The House, Kelston Park, Bath, BA1 9AE, United Kingdom.
Registration number: 04352070

Need to ask a question? Send us an email at: support[at]