The Prizes

Literally EVERYONE is a winner!

So what exactly can you win then?
Well, we’ve got quite a lot to give away in fact.

First up, our winner will be presented with the prestigious Big Indie Pitch baseball bat (physical pitches only currently), whilst all of our top three pitchers across both our mobile and PC+Console Big Indie Pitches will be presented with a certificate commemorating their success.

Of course, that’s far from all though, as our top three developers at all of our pitches walk away with one of our bespoke indie marketing packages that depending on the package include:

  • News articles and features on Pocket Gamer and 148Apps
  • Promotional marketing banners on Pocket Gamer and 148Apps
  • Website skins

The Big Indie Pitch team will also conduct an interview with each of the top three developers at a time that suits. These will then be published on either PocketGamer.Biz (Mobile) or PCGamesInsider.Biz (PC+Console).

Additionally, our top three will also receive free tickets to their choice of upcoming Pocket Gamer Connects Shows, and the chance to even gain developer expo space too.

Finally, all of our prize winning mobile developers will be given the opportunity to be a part of our developer showcase extravaganza that is Launchpad. For those not in the know, Pocket Gamer LaunchPad is a series of digital events designed to celebrate new, upcoming or updated iOS and Android games. Each one takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels.

PLEASE NOTE: You must simply register for a PG Business Network user account on the website BEFORE you submit your game for entry to the The Big Indie Pitch. It’s FREE and takes less than a minute to do.

Even if you don’t win though, there’s still a lot on offer

First of all, every single developer will receive an email follow-up after the pitch with feedback based on the judges thoughts, as discussed during the voting.

What’s more, those involved in our mobile pitch will also be covered as a part of our pitch round up on PocketGamer.Com that follows every single pitch and details all of the games that took part for our extensive readership. So, in a sense, you still win. (And there’s nothing to stop you entering it again at another BIP, with a ‘new and improved’ version of your game).